The Company

D&J Prebiox Plus Sciences Inc. is a Canadian (Montreal-based) R&D company specializing in the development of novel oral & topical natural health care products containing pure plant, vegetable or fruit-derived medicinal ingredients. These products are conceived from extensive patent and literature reviews and specially formulated to significantly improve the health and well-being of individuals.

Our mission is to demonstrate the efficacy of each formulation by individuals who have agreed to test the product in improving their diseased condition and if possible complement the efficacy data through evaluation by a CRO or contract research organization. Equally important to the company is obtaining patent coverage and licensing approval from a regulatory agency such as Health Canada through their Natural Health Products Directorate for each formulation. The company will then actively seek out health or personal care companies to ascertain their interest in the acquisition of the intellectual property.

D&J Prebiox Plus Sciences Inc. personnel represent a multi-disciplined team comprised of individuals with ~ 100 years combined total experience in carrying out R&D, quality control, legal and regulatory functions in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The principle R&D people and a brief resume of their expertise appear below. Other equally-qualified team members are available to assist in R&D & Quality Control efforts and provide essential legal, regulatory and business development activities as required.

Donald L. Simmons, PhD

  • Directed & co-directed new product development activities at two major Canadian and Montreal-based pharmaceutical companies namely Frank W Horner Ltd & Merck Frosst Canada
  • Formulation & scientific advisory consultant to Canadian pharmaceutical companies including but not limited to Stiefel Canada, Trans-Canada Dermapeutics, Jamieson Labs
  • Developed more than 100 drug & personal care products for domestic & international markets
  • Co-founded Lipopharm Inc (topical liposome drug delivery system company) & Canacure Corporation (developer of natural health care products)
  • Principal inventor in ~ 10 product oriented patents
  • Principle contributor to ~ 30 peer-reviewed publications
  • Major personal achievement was the development of an in vitro assembly in which the dissolution profiles of solid oral dosage forms accurately reflected corresponding blood level profiles in humans

John D. Haffenden

  • Assistant director of product development at Nabisco Foods
  • Developed several food products for the Canadian food market
  • Extensive marketing and sales of special ingredients to the food, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries
  • Founded and managed Naturome & Superior Ingredients – two companies focused on manufacturing flavours, perfumes and special ingredients for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and food industries


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