COMPLEMENTARY & ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE FOR TREATING GI DISORDERS: An extensive literature search had identified various factors implicated in GI disorders. These factors were determined to be imbalances in GI microflora, inflammatory mediators, oxidative stress, and bowel regularity habits. Most, if not all of these factors came into play in the candidates selected for our Proof of Concept study. These candidates suffered from chronic diarrhea, severe heartburn and Crohn’s Disease (CD), ingested numerous prescription drugs to treat their symptoms and agreed to test our product in order to hopefully improve their conditions. The feedback from candidates through numerous email updates provided evidence that Prebiox Plus indeed demonstrated the capability to positively impact most of the aforementioned major factors involved in digestive disorders. A summary of the findings related to improvement of  these factors appear below.

  • Bowel irregularities – diarrheal episodes were alleviated in individuals with Chronic Diarrhea and CD – in the former case the individual has significantly reduced his reliance on Imodium to treat diarrheal flareups due to a dietary ingredient but still uses our product;
  • Microflora imbalances – probable extension of preceding factor where increase in stool biomass by the individuals is indicative of beneficial bacteria increases at the expense of pathogens such as E coli;
  • Inflammatory mediator imbalances – reduction of inflammatory episodes in the CD child is expected to be due to proven activities of both EGCG and short chain fatty acids from fermentation products of non-digestible oligosaccharides against a major pro-inflammatory agent involved in CD, e.g., Tumour Necrosis Factor alpha or TNFα. Abdominal pain alleviation in the Severe Heartburn individual may also be due to EGCG activity against certain cytokines – also EGCG’s known activity against H. pylori, a pathogen resident in the upper GI tract;
  • Oxidative stress imbalances – not possible to confirm in these examples but EGCG is a more potent antioxidant than Vitamins E and C.

Actual feedback from candidate emails is presented in the accompanying Candidate Feedback section of this Proof of Concept menu.