Proprietary Flavor Blend

Two special flavor blends were ultimately selected for this product as well as a variation of this formulation containing probiotics – one blend selection was tropical fruit and the other mixed berry. Both flavors are proprietary and have been assigned to our company by the flavour house. The mixed berry flavor blend was finally accepted for Prebiox Plus after numerous in-house tasting experiments involving berry flavors from 4 different companies specializing in powder flavors. A major hurdle was overcoming the astringent nature provided by the EGCG in the formula and various attempts were made to include mints (spearmint, peppermint) with the berry blends to mask the lingering astringency associated with this ingredient. Taste panelists ultimately vetoed the samples as being too much associated with antacids and toothpastes. The final blend ultimately selected was a mixture of 3 different natural berries plus a special food approved bitterness-masking agent to help overcome the astringency.

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