Bowel Regularity Improvement

Laxation scFOS:          The effect of ingesting 3 grams of scFOS in the form of chewable tablets (5 x 600mg) on volunteers presenting with mild to moderate constipation (> 3 and ≤ 5 bowel movements weekly) has been demonstrated in a placebo-controlled study[1]. The experimental design consisted of an initial 2-week treatment regimen, followed by a 2-week non-treatment period and finally a 2-week placebo treatment period. Results are presented graphically below.


The results showed a significant increase in bowel movements for the scFOS treatment versus both placebo and non-intake periods. A corresponding significant increase was also observed in fecal biomass in favor of the scFOS treatment

Anti-Diarrheal scFOS:             This study involved administering 2 to 5 grams scFOS daily to 93 children ages 1 to 14 suffering from acute diarrhea in an Indonesian Hospital Clinic. Twenty-five in the same age grouping received a matching placebo[2]. The results (image below) showed a significant reduction in duration of hospital stay versus placebo.



[1] Tominaga S et al (1999) Effects of ingested fructooligosaccharides on stool frequency in healthy female volunteers: a placebo-controlled study. Bioscience Microflora 18(10:49-53

[2] Juffrie M (2002) Fructooligosaccharide and diarrhea Bioscience Microflora 21(1):31-34

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