Crohn’s Disease Patient Update

The child is still on our product as of this date (December 2015) and currently used along with Azathioprine. During this span of a year, the child has had numerous occurrences of diarrheal episodes brought on by colds or a certain dietary ingredient. At a June 2015 appointment with their GI specialist, the practitioner asked the parents what supplements the child was taking.

The parents mentioned our product to the doctor who jotted down our website and told the parents to maintain the product as it “is obviously helping the little guy”. A similar request made at an October 2015 appointment by the attending physician who requested the parents to advise when the product was on the market. At the time of this last visit the child had been without a flare-up for 6 months.Please refer to our sub menu Candidate Feedback under the main menu  Proof of Concept for complete details.

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